Error reporting

Crashes in MaxTo do happen, even though we do everything we can to prevent it.

One of the things we do is collect crash reports from anyone who runs MaxTo on their machine. Because of privacy concerns, you can of course disable this feature.

The crash reports do not contain personally identifiable information (outside of what we mention below), and is only shared with Raygun (see their privacy policy). We use the Raygun service to keep track of which crashes to fix first, based on how many machines are experiencing an error.

You can choose your anonymity level in these settings.

No identifying information is sent with error reports.
Machine identifier (default)
We generate a completely random identifier, and store it on your machine. If you experience an error twice, we will know that it happened on your machine twice.
We extract the license identifier from your license key (a number that only we know who belongs to), and we can contact you if we find a solution to your problem, or would like to follow up on the problem.