These are the basics

Your day-to-day operation of your computer will be somewhat different than what it was.

MaxTo has been designed to be somewhat invisible in day-to-day use. This means that unless you are changing settings, you won't see any MaxTo windows.

The main way MaxTo works is by listening for windows that are maximized, and then redirecting the window to the closest region. You'll find this works with (almost) any software.

It can however be difficult to remember which regions are active, so a lot of people use a different way of interacting with MaxTo. If you hold down Shift while moving a window, MaxTo will show you the region where the window will be placed if you drop it.

Psst! Make sure you keep holding Shift until you let go of the mouse button.

If you want to change your regions, you'll need to find the MaxTo icon in the notification area. Double-click the icon to change the regions; or right-click to change your settings.