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Tuesday, February 5, 2019
2.0.0-beta10 Beta

This release fixes quite a few bugs, and should reduce memory usage.

  • Improvement All-over work on memory usage. Should expect this beta to use roughly 20% less memory than the previous beta.
  • Bug No longer crashes if you have a .NET Framework version older than 4.7.2, but instead shows a dialog directing you to the download page before exiting.
  • Bug Fix issue where compatibility shims would not get applied to 32-bit programs. See issue #266 relating to Mikrotik WinBox.
  • Bug Ignore Windows Search on Windows 10; window can no longer be moved by MaxTo. See issue #327.
  • Bug Commands would not check compatibility shims, and would try to work on ignored windows.
  • Bug Hides number of seats in license when the value is 0.

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