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Window behavior

MaxTo has some nice tricks to make resizing windows even easier.

Window transparency

When you move or resize a window, MaxTo can make the window partially transparent. This makes it possible to see what is behind the window you are moving.

If you find this feature distracting, you can turn it off in the Settings, or set behavior.transparentWindowsWhenMoving to false in the config file.

Window snapping

Snapping applies when you are resizing or moving a window. When one of the edges of the window you are moving comes within range of a snappable edge, the edges will snap together.

Using these settings you control what can be snapped to.

Window edges
The borders of windows, but only the ones that are currently not obscured by other windows on top of them.
Region edges
The borders of the currently active regions. These may be invisible to you, unless you have windows in all your regions. Because they may be invisible, this is turned off by default.
Monitor edges
These are the sides of your monitors' working area.