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When talking about how MaxTo works, there are a few words that we use in very specific ways. Here is an attempt to define them:

A region is a rectangular area of your screen. MaxTo divides your screen into regions, which cover your entire monitor (minus the area used by taskbars).
MaxTo contains a set of predefined profiles that you can quickly load when you are modifying your regions. A profile is then a specific configuration of regions that you can load when you use it.
Main and alternate regions
MaxTo lets you use two sets of regions at the same time. The main regions are use whenever you maximize. You have to press an extra key


MaxTo splits your screen into rectangular regions. Every time a window is maximized, MaxTo intercepts the event, and instead moves the window to fit inside one of these regions. You set up these regions yourself.

Right click the MaxTo icon in the notification area and select Change regions, then select Main. All of your monitors should be covered with semi-transparent, gray windows. Experiment with the buttons on these windows to split your monitors into regions. Click Done when you are finished.

Now try to maximize any window, and observe that it only maximizes to the region your mouse cursor is in.

Alternate setup

You can have two completely different region configurations. The one changed above is the main setup, and is the one that is active all the time. The alternate setup is accessed through the notification icon, by clicking Change regions and selecting Alternate.

You activate the alternate setup by holding Alt when maximizing a window.

Default keyboard shortcuts

MaxTo is controlled most easily by using keyboard shortcuts. These will help you increase your productivity, and keep your hand away from the mouse.

You can change all of these keyboard shortcuts if you would like.

Action Keyboard Mouse
Main regions Alternate regions Main regions Alternate regions
Maximize window to entire monitor + NumPad 9 Hold Shift when maximizing Hold Alt when maximizing
Move window to region. + numpad arrow keys + Alt + numpad arrow keys Hold Shift while dragging Hold Alt while dragging
Swap windows with region. + Control + numpad arrow keys
Switch to previous window in the same region. + Page Up
Switch to next window in the same region. + Page Down

Trouble with your shortcut keys? Ensure that Numlock is turned on.


MaxTo is delivered with some predefined profiles that you can use, if you wish. They are accessed through the Profile button while you are changing regions.