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Divide your screen, increase your productivity.
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Version 2.0.0-beta4. Changelog.

How exactly?

Step 1


It is easy to divide your monitor into the exact regions you want.

Step 2

Conquer Maximize

The window will automatically go into the region underneath the mouse cursor.

Step 3


Put any window into a region by holding Shift while dragging.

Only have one monitor?

Virtual desktop support Now in beta

You can keep a different set of regions open on each virtual desktop.

Use our handy setting to choose if you want each virtual desktop to have its own set of profiles.

Only works on Windows 10. Because only Windows 10 has virtual desktops.

Presets for everything

Quickly load and save different regions

With MaxTo's presets, you can quickly load up your favorite regions whenever you need them.

Assignable to hotkeys

The quickest way to load a set of regions is by assigning a keyboard shortcut. Learn more.

Load in the UI

You can see a preview of the presets you are applying when you edit your regions.

Get your workday started

Launch and place multiple programs at once Now in beta

Using our powerful Recipes features, you can start the programs you need, and place them where you want them.

Assignable to hotkeys

Set up a recipe that launches and places your windows when you press a keyboard shortcut. Learn more.

From a script

Anything you do using keyboard shortcuts can be done with scripts.

Works everywhere

We know how Windows works.

MaxTo integrates directly with Windows, so you can keep your old habits.

Great multi-monitor support

MaxTo works with all your monitors. Even that old CRT that you should have thrown out years ago. Learn more.

Made for Windows

MaxTo works with all versions of Windows since Windows 7 (SP1). It fully supports 64-bit and 32-bit programs, and works well with UAC. Learn more.

Command line support

Super-charge your day with our command line support. Now in beta

Use MaxTo as part of your startup scripts to put your programs where you want them.

Read our docs
1 C:\> maxto recipe "Notepad on the side"
3 C:\> maxto window move /window "notepad" /direction up
5 C:\> maxto window center /window notepad /monitor 2
7 C:\> maxto preset apply /name "Vertical split" /monitor "Dell U3011"

Syntax may change.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to work quicker

You can set up MaxTo's keyboard shortcuts in any way you'd like.

Default hotkeys

MaxTo has a generous set of default hotkeys that makes it easy to get started. Learn more.

Create your own recipes

You can create your own recipes, which can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts. Learn more.

Our customers say

“1. It works with multiple monitor setups, so I can have a ton of windows. Even though I have 4 screens, there are some programs that eat up a bunch of windows (Modelsim VHDL Simulator) 2. It runs reliably and doesn't crash my system. I guess that's a pretty low bar, but add-ons really have a bad rep for f'ing things up”

C. Bolton, rated MaxTo

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Used all over the world

Some of our customers

MaxTo is trusted by many larger corporate customers.

We work with Microsoft

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we know how to develop software for Windows.

Microsoft Silver Partner

We keep it simple.



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