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mardi 24 août 2021
  • Bug Prevent crash when a window has disappeared after a maximize event. See issue #753.
  • Bug Handle timeouts when updating compatibility shims. See issue #752.
  • Bug Fix crash caused by virtual desktops during shutdown. See issue #755.
  • Bug Fix regions missing after reboot. See issue #739. May require you to save your regions again for the issue to be fixed completely.
  • Bug Fix windows snap to invisible windows. See issue #740.
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samedi 12 juin 2021

This update to MaxTo provides a host of new interesting improvements. And there are some new features.

  • Feature New command that lets you quickly apply a preset from a list. See issue #315.
  • Improvement Recipes can now be disabled. See issue #707.
  • Improvement Built-in recipes are now distinct from custom recipes, and can not be edited.
  • Improvement "Use as template" option for recipes, which will copy the recipe. This also disables the original recipe.
  • Improvement Filter by "built-in" or "custom" recipes.
  • Improvement New trigger: "Window shown". This differs from "Window opened" in that a window can be opened but still be invisible. See issue #702.
  • Improvement Remove acrylic to improve performance. See issue #684, #686.
  • Improvement Auto maximize on monitors with no regions. See issue #598.
  • Bug Fix crash when monitor configuration is null.
  • Bug Fix crash when a window's process has exited by the time MaxTo inspects it.
  • Bug Fix issue moving windows to other virtual desktops. See issue #704.
  • Bug Fix virtual desktop detection on Windows 10. See issue #669.
  • Bug Fix crash during trigger filtering.
  • Bug Prevent corrupting PATH variable after install. See issue #688.
  • Bug Fix region:cycle crash when loaded regions are unnamed. See issue #695.
  • Bug Fix crash caused by wrong interpretation of specific integer values in recipes.
  • Bug Fix regions UI staying open after cancelling from non-primary monitor. See issue #716.
  • Bug Presets attribute of regions:cycle are now treated as an array of strings. See issue #697.
  • Bug Modification to try to detect when working area include taskbar. See issue #713.
  • Bug MaxTo windows now will always open on top of other windows, which was sometimes not the case before.
  • Bug Fix problem where Microsoft Word would "jump" after being moved twice. See issue #650.
  • Bug Fix issue where console windows won't swap. See issue #711.
  • Bug Fix dragging windows to top of screen when the taskbar is in the way. See issue #136.
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lundi 30 novembre 2020
  • Bug Fix CPU usage "leak" that builds over time, introduced in 2.1.4. See issue #673.
  • Bug Fix explorer incompatibility on some machines. See issue #672.
  • Bug Prevent window:activated from triggering twice for the same window.
  • Bug Make sure the region highlight window is always ignored.
  • Bug Fix NullReferenceException in window:maximize.
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mercredi 25 novembre 2020
  • Bug Fix missing functionality caused by compiler flag.
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mardi 24 novembre 2020
  • Bug Fix MaxTo not working properly with Chromium based applications, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc. This regression was introduced in 2.1.1. See issues #657, #667, #666 and #663.
  • Bug Fix windows not becoming transparent the first time they are dragged.
  • Bug Fix crash when license server responds in unexpected ways (5 instances).
  • Bug Fix crash on startup caused by tooltip being set at the wrong time (4 instances).
  • Bug Fix crash when ingredient sends back failure code without exception (3 instances).
  • Bug Fix issue where UI Automation would start producing a large number of exceptions in the background, causing MaxTo to use CPU continously. We've replaced UI Automation with relying on the hooks we already set.
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mardi 17 novembre 2020
  • Bug Fix windows becoming permanently transparent.
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vendredi 13 novembre 2020

This is a bug fix release that fixes the top 5 most common crashes and issues in version 2.1.0.

  • Improvement Saves recipes automatically after import. See issue #634.
  • Improvement Removes the transparency animation when dragging windows. Transparency now happens instantly. This was linked to the transparency being stuck. See issue #643.
  • Bug Fix inconsistent window argument editor. See issue #639.
  • Bug Fix crash when cancelling region change on multiple monitors. See issue #635.
  • Bug Fix unknown server error when validating license keys. This was caused by missing padding characters in the license keys, because when double-clicking a long string and copying it, Windows would not highlight the trailing padding characters.
  • Bug No longer allow MaxTo to subclass child windows. This affected e.g. MikroTik WinBox child windows causing crashes.
  • Bug Fix Chromium-based browsers being "restored" when exiting full-screen video. See issue #640.
  • Bug Fix NullReferenceException when starting de-elevated process.
  • Bug Fix ArgumentException when adding hotkeys during startup.
  • Bug Fix a crash that could occur when connecting to a machine via remote desktop.
  • Bug Configuration was automatically reset to default if it was unreadable or invalid JSON. Now it presents a dialog box instead.
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vendredi 30 octobre 2020

MaxTo version 2.1 is a minor version bump, but a large update with lots of new functionality. There are so many changes that this is an abbreviated list, containing only the most important changes. Feel free to go back and check out our alpha and beta releases to see all the details.

  • Feature Multiple trigger support for recipes. You can now run a recipe when any of the follow events happen:
    • Monitor
      • Connected (monitor:connected)
      • Disconnected (monitor:disconnected)
      • Details changed (monitor:changed)
    • MaxTo
      • Started (corresponds to Windows logon, maxto:started)
      • Regions changed (maxto:regions_changed)
    • Window events
      • Maximized (window:maximized)
      • Placed in region (window:placed)
      • Restored (window:restored)
      • Moved (window:moved)
      • Opened (window:opened)
      • Activated (window:activated)
    • Virtual desktop
      • Changed (virtualdesktop:changed)
      • Created (virtualdesktop:created)
      • Deleted (virtualdesktop:deleted)
    • Windows events
      • Desktop locked (windows:locked)
      • Desktop unlocked (windows:unlocked)
    • Network events (filter by network name, adapter name and possible SSID)
      • Network connected (network:connected)
      • Network disconnected (network:disconnected)
  • Feature New commands for recipes:
    • Cycle through presets.
    • Expand/contract window to closest edge.
    • Cycle window positions, like WinSplit Revolution. Sponsored by Hexabit GmbH.
    • Move mouse cursor.
    • Fit windows to regions.
    • Resize window.
    • Set window transparency.
    • Set topmost window.
    • Minimize window.
    • Open or close Maxto windows.
    • Change settings.
  • Feature New default recipes:
    • WinSplit Revolution keyboard shortcuts (Control+Alt+NumPad). Sponsored by Hexabit GmbH.
    • Expand (Windows+Control+NumPad arrows) and contract (Windows+Alt+NumPad arrows) windows to nearest region, window or monitor edge.
    • Open MaxTo Settings window (Windows+Control+T).
    • Open Change regions (Windows+Control+R).
    • Opens region editor when creating a new virtual desktop.
    • Move window to next and previous virtual desktop (Windows+Control+Alt+Left and Right).
  • Feature Manage presets. You can now rename and delete presets.
  • Feature Passive mode. Its back. When in passive mode, windows are only maximized to a region while holding Shift.
  • Feature Focus command can now set focus to a region instead of a window.
  • Improvement Much nicer argument editors for recipes:
    • File locator when selecting files.
    • Monitor selector.
    • Improved hotkey editor.
    • Copy an entire recipe for use on the command line.
    • Export recipe to file.
    • Import recipe from file.
  • Improvement Close MaxTo windows by hitting Escape.
  • Improvement Mouse back button now works with MaxTo's back button.
  • Improvement Allow launch command to skip launching if program is already running.
  • Improvement Improve automatic update support. You can now force an update check from the settings.
  • Bug Fixed a bug where MaxTo would cause Snip & Sketch to hang. See issue #386.
  • Bug Fixed a compatibility problem where Chromium browsers (such as Google Chrome, Edge and Brave browser) version 78 or later no longer worked with MaxTo. See issue #476.
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vendredi 29 mars 2019

This is a bug fix release to fix the most common issues experienced in version 2.0.

  • Improvement Updated (complete) translation to Chinese (Simplified).
  • Bug Fix issue where strange serial numbers would cause regions to not load. See issue #375.
  • Bug Fix rare crash that would say "Collection was modified" while executing a recipe.
  • Bug Fix rare crash caused by monitored process going away during inspection.
  • Bug Fix rare crash when compatibility shims file is corrupt.
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mardi 19 mars 2019

MaxTo 2.0 is ready for prime-time. Here are some of the things that are new:

  • Feature Support for recipes that let you set up your own keyboard shortcuts with multiple ingredients.
  • Feature Command line support.
  • Feature Completely new design.
  • Feature Support for virtual desktops.
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