MaxTo release history

Better than actual history.

fredag 29. mars 2019

This is a bug fix release to fix the most common issues experienced in version 2.0.

  • Improvement Updated (complete) translation to Chinese (Simplified).
  • Bug Fix issue where strange serial numbers would cause regions to not load. See issue #375.
  • Bug Fix rare crash that would say "Collection was modified" while executing a recipe.
  • Bug Fix rare crash caused by monitored process going away during inspection.
  • Bug Fix rare crash when compatibility shims file is corrupt.
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tirsdag 19. mars 2019

MaxTo 2.0 is ready for prime-time. Here are some of the things that are new:

  • Feature Support for recipes that let you set up your own keyboard shortcuts with multiple ingredients.
  • Feature Command line support.
  • Feature Completely new design.
  • Feature Support for virtual desktops.
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fredag 15. mars 2019
2.0.0-rc3 Beta

This release candidate contains a large change to how MaxTo uses keyboard shortcuts. We can now override any system hotkey, so we have changed our default hotkeys:

  • Move windows using Windows + arrow keys
  • Swap windows using Windows + Alt + arrow keys
  • Center window on the monitor using Windows + Alt + C
  • Maximize to monitor using Windows + Alt + M

Note that these defaults are only applied if you start MaxTo without a configuration already applied. To remove your settings, you can delete the file %AppData%\MaxTo\config.json. You can also change the hotkeys manually to the defaults in the settings.

Other changes in this release:

  • Feature New keyboard shortcut editor.
  • Feature Allows overriding keyboard shortcuts from Windows.
  • Bug Will now delete scheduled task (to start MaxTo on logon) when MaxTo is uninstalled.
  • Bug CLI would sometimes use older versions instead of the latest installed version.
  • Bug Fix issue with Firefox window becoming very small. See issue #339.
  • Bug Fix issue where the move command would hang when trying to move a window to the same virtual desktop you were currently on. See issue #358.
  • Bug Fix issue where launching an application would provide wrong arguments to the launched program. See issue #357.
  • Bug Fix crash when saving presets. See issue #360.
fredag 8. mars 2019
2.0.0-rc2 Beta
  • Improvement 4 new presets!
  • Improvement Compatibility list now shows which shims are disabled.
  • Bug Fixes elevation status in the user interface. See issue #350.
  • Bug Fix crash when maximizing windows on monitors with multiple DPI scales. See issue #346 and #339.
  • Bug Fix issues with automatic startup. See issue #347.
  • Bug Re-introduces all translations that were missing in the previous version. See issue #354.
  • Bug Fix button styles.
onsdag 20. februar 2019
2.0.0-rc1 Beta

First release candidate for MaxTo 2.0.0.

  • Improvement Add tooltip in notification area. See issue #335.
  • Bug Fix application manifest for UI process (broken in beta.10).
  • Bug Add correct styling to buttons in the license component.
  • Bug Fix NullReferenceException on machines where UAC registry key is not present. Machines with this error will report that UAC is disabled, even though it may not be. See issue #337.
tirsdag 5. februar 2019
2.0.0-beta10 Beta

This release fixes quite a few bugs, and should reduce memory usage.

  • Improvement All-over work on memory usage. Should expect this beta to use roughly 20% less memory than the previous beta.
  • Bug No longer crashes if you have a .NET Framework version older than 4.7.2, but instead shows a dialog directing you to the download page before exiting.
  • Bug Fix issue where compatibility shims would not get applied to 32-bit programs. See issue #266 relating to Mikrotik WinBox.
  • Bug Ignore Windows Search on Windows 10; window can no longer be moved by MaxTo. See issue #327.
  • Bug Commands would not check compatibility shims, and would try to work on ignored windows.
  • Bug Hides number of seats in license when the value is 0.
fredag 25. januar 2019
2.0.0-beta9 Beta

This release fixes the most commonly reported bugs and crashes.

Important note: If MaxTo does not start after this update, please download and install .NET Framework 4.7.2. You can also uninstall MaxTo and re-install this version from our website.

  • Bug Fix issue with windows growing in size due to different DPI on monitors.
  • Bug Fix logic in move command, where moving a window wouldn't work. See issue #318.
  • Bug Fix crash when a recipe without an assigned hotkey exists in the configuration.
  • Bug Fix crash when unregistering hotkeys (experienced when disabling MaxTo).
  • Bug Fix issue where UI writes empty strings into configuration. See issue #300.
  • Bug Fix issue where MaxTo could not manipulate virtual desktops on Windows 10 version 1803.
fredag 18. januar 2019
2.0.0-beta8 Beta

This is purely a bug fix release that attempts to fix the most common crashes experienced by end users.

  • Bug Fix issue where ingredient arguments were apparently not loaded into UI. See issue #308.
  • Bug Fix issue that left an un-elevated core process run when MaxTo was supposed to run elevated.
  • Bug Fix issue locating upper-case uncategorized commands.
  • Bug Fix issue where recipes (and other configuration) did not apply immediately. See issue #317.
torsdag 10. januar 2019
2.0.0-beta7 Beta

The release has focused mainly on fixing crashing bugs.

  • Improvement move command now supports moving a window to a different monitor, while keeping dimensions. See issue #313.
  • Improvement Add a new Server process that is only responsible for maintaining the communication channel between the MaxTo processes. This should provide better stability whenever there is an exception in the Core process.
  • Bug Fix crash when crash marker file was locked.
  • Bug Fix persistent crash on Windows 7 in UI process.
  • Bug Fix crash when trying to show log file (bug introduced in beta.6).
  • Bug Fix crash "Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed".
  • Bug Fix crash caused by cross-thread access to internal state. This crash would appear in the logs as a NullReferenceException.
torsdag 20. desember 2018
2.0.0-beta6 Beta
  • Improvement Add new default recipe: "Maximize to monitor" (Ctrl+Windows+NumPad9)
  • Bug Fix broken "Keep changes" experience after editing recipe ingredients.
  • Bug Fix broken translations. Non-translated text now falls back to English.
  • Bug Fix Alt+F4 keypress in Change regions editor.
  • Bug Add some missing translatable strings.
  • Bug Fix crash due to duplicate recipe names.