Information for resellers

Necessary information

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Pricing and discounts

MaxTo is available for a fixed yearly price of €19.00 on this website.

Discount percentages are added directly, so if you qualify for both a 10% volume license and a 10% renewal discount, you get a total of 20% discount (and not 10% × 10%, which would be 19%).

Renewal discounts

If you elect to purchase licenses for more than a year at a time, the following prices apply:

  • 2 years — €17.10/year Save 10%
  • 3 years — €16.15/year Save 15%
  • 4 years — €15.20/year Save 20%
  • 5 years — €13.30/year Save 30%
  • 10 years — €12.35/year Save 35%
Volume discounts

The following volume discounts apply (business purchases only):

  • 20 licenses or more: 10% discount on all licenses
  • 100 licenses or more: 20% discount on all licenses
  • 1000 licenses or more: 30% discount on all licenses
  • 5000 licenses or more: 40% discount on all licenses
  • 10000 licenses or more: 50% discount on all licenses

Reseller discounts

We currently do not offer reseller discounts.

Price quotes

You can create your own price quotes by creating an order and stopping before the payment step.

Price quotes are downloadable as PDF, and contain all the information you may need for your purchase order or for completing the order.


We offer payment through payment cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted) or through PayPal.

For orders that qualify for volume licenses, we can also offer payment through international bank transfer. Please get in touch to set this up.

Company information

MaxTo is developed, sold and distributed by Digital Creations AS.

These are the details you would need to register us in your systems.

Company name
Digital Creations AS
Tax/VAT number
NO 991 368 574 MVA
Address (billing and postal)
Mjåtveitflaten 45
5918 Frekhaug
[email protected]
Delivery method
Digital download
Delivery time
Instant (details available on receipt and sent via e-mail)
Product identifier