wxWidgets-based software

Prevent crashes

What's affected?
  • Snap to edge
  • Drag to maximize
  • Window transparency when dragging

wxWidgets is a toolkit that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. Certain wxWidgets-based software will crash whenever run in conjunction with MaxTo. So far, this has been reported when using the LINE desktop application.

This shim disables subclassing wxWidgets-based windows. This means that snap-to-edge and drag-to-maximize will be unavailable for these apps.

Can be disabled

This shim can be disabled in MaxTo if you go to Options, Compatibility, and clicking on wxWidgets-based software. You should find a toggle switch to disable it.

Note that shims should only be disabled if you have a legitimate reason to do so, and accept that disabling them may cause applications to crash.

What are compatibility shims?

Compatibility shims are our way of telling MaxTo that some programs react badly to being handled by some of MaxTo's functionality.

Each compatibility shim has a description text and a list of functionality that is affected. Some are small and do not result in loss of functionality, others cause MaxTo not to work at all (and the reason for the compatibility shim then is simply to prevent apps from crashing).

This list is kept up to date outside of MaxTo's release cycle, and will be updated automatically by MaxTo.