What our customers are saying

We ran a customer survey in June 2015. Here is what they said.

It answers the problem I was trying to fix perfectly. I barely notice it. I am very happy with it.

I like the whole package!

When asked "What is awesome about MaxTo?", he wrote:

That it does what (pretty much) no other software does. Also, Hej från Sverige!

I cannot use my computer without it.

Love being able to split my screens into quarters so easily! And that it works well with the windows + arrow keys built into Windows already. Makes customization between half screens and quartered screens very easy to manage.

The whole functionality is excellent. I can't live without it now.

The app makes me so much more productive, dividing a 4k screen into 4 sections makes life much easier

Unlike every other non-osx tiling manager, MaxTo actually has a UI, and it looks pretty decent too. Besides, even though splitting my (vertical) second screen into two windows seems like a small thing, I can't imagine using my pc without it anymore

Does exactly what it says, is very easy and intuitive to use and makes working with large screens a dream

It is (by far) the most stable application for managing screen real estate in Windows.

The fact it actually works and has made me way more productive with having what I need in front of me and not have to go find one window or another. Very useful when you work with 20-40 apps open at a time for work.

Makes working with my wide screen a breeze! Thanks.

  1. It works with multiple monitor setups, so I can have a ton of windows. Even though I have 4 screens, there are some programs that eat up a bunch of windows (Modelsim VHDL Simulator)
  2. It runs reliably and doesn't crash my system. I guess that's a pretty low bar, but add-ons really have a bad rep for f'ing things up

It actually does what I want and helps me manage a million open apps with limited screen space.

It allows me to organize my desktops. It allows freedom, organization, and structure that really helps me stay focused on the task, and not on hunting for the programs I need or switching back and forth between them. My open programs can all live happily in the same neighborhood without encroaching or overlapping onto each other.

I love how easy it is to work the way I want, especially with as big as monitors are getting and as high as the resolutions are getting, it feels like a waste of space to have one window opened up maximized with a lot of white space.

It does exactly what it says. (I have been looking for a quality program EXACTLY like MaxTo.) Thank you for this!

I love how easily I can divide up my monitor space, and how I can get windows to fit the space with a simple double-click!

So intuitive. Can't believe this wasn't thought of earlier!

It's simple, it's light-weight. It's beautiful.

It is the best app to manage screen real estate.

Being able to snap the screens in place so easily. I do love it!! Thanks

Satisfies the low level OCD I have about where my windows are located. ;-) Also love that you now support older purchased keys with new updates.

Does what it advertises... Seems lightweight. In 5+ years of use it has never hung or crashed.

Ideal for big screen users, ideal for webdesign with multiple programs open, does away with the need for dual screens. Low cost a bonus too!

MaxTo is pretty awesome. Used it with a 4K + 2 x 2560x1440 displays and it was a pleasure to use. Very sensible way to organize a desktop.

  1. It is like Windows 7 window snapping, but on crack.
  2. Good price.
  3. Does pretty much exactly what I want and little more.

It's just working, quiet and reliable :-)

I run on a 3 monitor system, it helps me break apart the monitor that I use for file folders and chat programs. I love the snap and hot key functions. the ability to split and split some more is also a huge plus.

Nifty little program!

Works well and runs unobtrusively.

Awesome and effective functionality, simple implementation. I run it on every PC I own, not much else to say.

I've been using MaxTo for years, and it is one of the first pieces of software I install on a new computer because I literally use it ALL the time (it is the primary way I position my windows, followed only by the built-in Windows 50/50 split arrangement). It is essential software for me, and I highly recommend it! :)