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Saturday, June 12, 2021

This update to MaxTo provides a host of new interesting improvements. And there are some new features.

  • Feature New command that lets you quickly apply a preset from a list. See issue #315.
  • Improvement Recipes can now be disabled. See issue #707.
  • Improvement Built-in recipes are now distinct from custom recipes, and can not be edited.
  • Improvement "Use as template" option for recipes, which will copy the recipe. This also disables the original recipe.
  • Improvement Filter by "built-in" or "custom" recipes.
  • Improvement New trigger: "Window shown". This differs from "Window opened" in that a window can be opened but still be invisible. See issue #702.
  • Improvement Remove acrylic to improve performance. See issue #684, #686.
  • Improvement Auto maximize on monitors with no regions. See issue #598.
  • Bug Fix crash when monitor configuration is null.
  • Bug Fix crash when a window's process has exited by the time MaxTo inspects it.
  • Bug Fix issue moving windows to other virtual desktops. See issue #704.
  • Bug Fix virtual desktop detection on Windows 10. See issue #669.
  • Bug Fix crash during trigger filtering.
  • Bug Prevent corrupting PATH variable after install. See issue #688.
  • Bug Fix region:cycle crash when loaded regions are unnamed. See issue #695.
  • Bug Fix crash caused by wrong interpretation of specific integer values in recipes.
  • Bug Fix regions UI staying open after cancelling from non-primary monitor. See issue #716.
  • Bug Presets attribute of regions:cycle are now treated as an array of strings. See issue #697.
  • Bug Modification to try to detect when working area include taskbar. See issue #713.
  • Bug MaxTo windows now will always open on top of other windows, which was sometimes not the case before.
  • Bug Fix problem where Microsoft Word would "jump" after being moved twice. See issue #650.
  • Bug Fix issue where console windows won't swap. See issue #711.
  • Bug Fix dragging windows to top of screen when the taskbar is in the way. See issue #136.

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