Utgivelseshistorikk for MaxTo

Bedre enn vanlig historikk.

mandag 9. november 2015
  • Bug Fix bug in installer where Start with Windows did not work.
  • Bug Fix crash while loading corrupt settings.
  • Bug Fix crash on older machines where opacity could not be set.
  • Improvement Better handling of Windows 10 borderless windows on high-DPI machines.
  • Improvement Better handling of Windows 10 borderless windows when snapping.
  • Bug Fix sizing of console windows on Windows 10.
  • Improvement Upgrade all dependencies to latest version to improve stability.
  • Bug Fix cursor position when dragging window out of region.
  • Bug Fix problems with Outlook.
  • Bug Fix changing region sizes when repeatedly loading/saving regions.
  • Improvement Updated French and Russian translations.
  • Bug Fix next/previous window in region hotkey when there is a console window in the region.
  • Improvement Region highlight is now behind the dragged window.
  • Bug Fix translation issue in notification area popup.
  • Bug Fix problem with "Fit all window" certain Google Chrome windows
onsdag 29. juli 2015

This release fixes the problems with the new default hotkeys.

  • Bug Fix broken default hotkeys.
tirsdag 28. juli 2015

The ready-for-Windows-10 release. Really we just wanted an excuse to show off our new logo.

  • Bug Fix crash caused by Turkish translation.
  • Bug Fix crash when loading invalid configuration.
  • Bug Fix crash when using hotkeys for next/previous window in region.
  • Bug Fix crash if HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run does not exist (again, what kind of machines are you running this on?).
  • Bug Installer will now remove scheduled task (or registry key) when uninstalling
  • Bug Installer will now force Start with Windows to on during installation.
  • Bug Fix crash when checking if UAC is enabled.
  • Bug Fix crash caused by accessing disposed window.
  • Bug Fix crash when tray icon could not be changed (maybe the machine went insane).
  • Bug Fix crash when task scheduler library is corrupt.
  • Bug Fix crash when a window is closed while it is being moved.
  • Bug Fix crash when reading icon from another program.
  • Bug Fix crash when a console window is closed while it is being moved.
  • Improvement New logo and branding!
  • Improvement Only show compatibility bubble once per process name for as long as MaxTo is running.
  • Feature Ready for Windows 10.
  • Improvement New default shortcuts to correspond better with Windows 10 (Ctrl+Windows+arrow keys is now in use by virtual desktops).
  • Bug Fix one crash in explorer.exe when starting Internet Explorer (or potentially other processes) using the Run dialog when you have TrueCrypt installed.
lørdag 21. mars 2015

Bug-fix release that fixes all automatically reported crashes since version 2015.03.

  • Bug Crash when exiting MaxTo.
  • Bug Crash when running self-test on accounts without SeDebugPrivilege.
  • Bug Crash on machines either behind a firewall or without an internet connection.
  • Bug Crash when setting MaxTo to start with Windows.
  • Bug Crash when settings file cannot be found.
tirsdag 10. mars 2015
  • Bug Crash with iTunes for Windows.
  • Bug Maximize to screen sometimes did not put window on correct monitor.
  • Bug Crash when tagging windows for compatibility.
  • Improvement Remove "focus mode" completely. Our data indicates it was used very little, and we felt that it had nothing to do in MaxTo anymore.
  • Bug Fix issue with snapping to window edges being enabled even though you turned it off in the options.
  • Bug Fix issue with error reports not being sent.
  • Bug Fix crash when running diagnostic tests.
  • Improvement Bundle Visual C++ Runtime with installer. This increases the installer size (almost doubles it), but is a lot quicker during installation, installs less things on your machine, and it is the right thing (TM) to do.
søndag 8. februar 2015

Loads of bug fixes and a few new features. For example, we fixed the bug where MaxTo does not list all of these great improvements:

  • Feature Swap with windows in region hotkey.
  • Improvement Notification icon indicates if MaxTo is in passive mode.
  • Bug MaxTo did not respond correctly to working area changes.
  • Bug Keyboard shortcuts would not move windows past breaks in the working area, e.g. if the taskbar divided two monitors.
  • Bug Sidebar gadgets did not work on Windows 7
  • Bug Installer error "Failed to correctly acquire...".
  • Bug Error when loading helper files linked to outdated dependency.
  • Bug Crash when emulating windows that did not report an icon.
  • Improvement Moving windows using keyboard shortcuts now wraps around (moving in one direction gets you back to where you started), and some other small improvements to the algorithm.
  • Bug The next version will list the features that are there when updating, not just a silly string.
onsdag 3. desember 2014
  • Bug Crash after installing. This was caused by MaxTo trying to run its helper processes from the wrong folder.
  • Improvement Region preview windows were sometimes very self-conscious and hid behind other windows. Some counselling and this window always wants to be on top.
lørdag 22. november 2014

Another weekend, another release.

  • Bug Crash when trying to switch between windows in region.
  • Bug LINE desktop client added to compatibility list.
  • Bug ManicTime added to compatibility list.
  • Bug No longer require Internet connection to run installer.
søndag 9. november 2014
  • Bug Keyboard shortcut Windows+Enter conflicts with Narrator.
  • Bug UAC elevation prompt popped up on startup when running as standard user. Asked nicely to be a little bit quieter.
  • Bug License check returns ambigious message when license had expired.
  • Bug Changes to license code would not stick. Superglue applied.
  • Bug Changes to keyboard shortcuts would not stick either. Superglue bottle emptied.
  • Bug Keyboard shortcuts for editing regions open wrong regions. A stern talking was given, and it promised to behave itself in the future.
  • Bug Fix crashing bug in update mechanism
tirsdag 4. november 2014

The '"We're sorry it took us so long"-release.

  • Feature Runs elevated, no windows are outside our reach now. (This is huge!)

  • Feature New translations for:

  • Portuguese

  • Greek

  • German

  • Arabic

  • Improvement Completely restructured internally; 32-bit and 64-bit is now treated identically internally, hopefully more stable.

  • Improvement Updated to require .NET Framework 4.5, Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013.

  • Bug Saving options with modifier key in some languages crashes. If the modifier key name was translated differently in two specific places within a language, selecting that modifier key would result in a crash when clicking OK.

  • Bug Shows correct error message when license server is unreachable.

  • Bug Can no longer open Options window twice simultaneously.

  • Bug Issue with Windows 7 (and 8) features not persisting across reboots.

  • Feature Self-test that tells you which parts of MaxTo is misbehaving

  • Bug Adobe Reader XI (Acrobat reader) behaved strangely.