Utgivelseshistorikk for MaxTo

Bedre enn vanlig historikk.

onsdag 3. juni 2009
  • Bug Error parsing serial codes.
tirsdag 2. juni 2009
  • Improvement MaxTo is now a 30 day trial version by default, but will continue to work after 30 days have passed.
  • Improvement Support for saving your own profiles, so they can be loaded quickly.
  • Improvement New logo and website, that looks a bit better than the old one.
søndag 15. mars 2009
  • Improvement Double-clicking the icon changes the regions
  • Bug Fixes bug which did not allow changing the alternative modifier key.
  • Bug “Reset regions” and the “Remove” buttons works again.
  • Bug Fixes a bug where you could not change the regions on non-primary monitors right after install.
  • Bug Hopefully catches an internal .NET exception that cannot be reproduced in the lab.
  • Bug Fixes a divide-by-zero bug that can occur if your configurations file is corrupt.
  • Bug Fixes crashing bug on computers that do not have a mailto:-handler
torsdag 12. mars 2009
  • Improvement Passive and active modes let you use MaxTo in a more unobtrusive way. (Enable this in the Options)
  • Improvement You can no longer disable MaxTo, but you can put it temporarily into Passive mode.
  • Improvement Detects and responds properly when the screen resolution changes.
  • Improvement About window now has version information.
  • Improvement Versioning scheme changed (again) to better reflect that the version number is related to the year.
  • Improvement Lays the groundwork for adding more than two configurations.
  • Bug Various crashing bugs fixed.