MaxTo 版本历史


2.1.0-beta5 Beta

This release fixes 3 crashes introduced in the previous beta release.

  • Bug Fix crash if shims.json is not found.
  • Bug Fix crash caused by the logged on user being on a domain.
  • Bug Fix crash caused by multiple equal hotkeys registered on different recipes in specific situations.
2.1.0-beta4 Beta

While the main focus of this preview release has been stability, we have also added a large number of new default recipes. We recommend going into Settings, select the Recipes tab, and selecting Restore defaults, For this tab. This will reset your recipes back to defaults, which includes the new ones added in this release.

  • Improvement New recipe: Open Settings window (Windows+Control+T)
  • Improvement New recipes: Expand window (Windows+Control+NumPad arrows).
  • Improvement New recipes: Contract window (Windows+Alt+NumPad arrows).
  • Bug Fix bug in licensing that could partially overwrite license key when license is updated online.
  • Bug Compatibility shims are now included in the installer, so you do not need to have the computer online to download them. See issue #566.
  • Bug Fixes a crash when a recipe trigger has a Monitor property set to null. See issue #578.
  • Bug Fix a bug that caused passive mode to not work. See issue #594.
  • Bug Fix window related triggers and notifications when windows move. See issue #582 and #575.
  • Bug Fix crash when clicking Cancel in region editor. See issue #600.
  • Bug Fix issue where window transparency hangs after drag.
  • Bug Fix crash when trying to read network adapter changes.
  • Bug Fix off-by-one virtual desktop number.
  • Bug Fix virtual desktop number editor not updating the configuration.
  • Bug Fix issue preventing multiple local user accounts from using MaxTo at once. See issue #616.
  • Bug Fix occasional RPC crash when listing virtual desktops.
  • Bug Give a better error message when UI cannot communicate with the rest of MaxTo.
  • Bug Fix crash when monitor configuration in config.json is explicitly set to null.
  • Bug Fix crash when command is empty object ({}) in recipes.
  • Bug Fix crash caused by not being able to de-elevate processes that shouldn't be elevated.
2.1.0-beta3 Beta

This release focuses solely on stability.

  • Improvement Add default option to window argument editor. See issue #572.
  • Improvement Improve error message when cycle position command is missing arguments. See issue #576.
  • Improvement Allow moving windows to adjacent virtual desktops.
  • Improvement Add selector for virtual desktops in recipes.
  • Improvement Add new default recipe to move window between virtual desktops.
  • Bug Fix exception when monitor configuration could not be found. See issue #592.
  • Bug Fix issue with library resulting in virtual desktop support being broken.
  • Bug Attempt to unlock MaxTo DLL files when MaxTo unloads by hinting to other programs that they can be unloaded.
  • Bug Prevent MaxTo windows from being opened multiple times at once.
  • Bug Fix crash when duplicate hotkeys are loaded from configuration.
  • Bug Fix crash when configuration file cannot be written.
  • Bug Fix crash when executing recipe without ingredients.
  • Bug Show error on CLI when executing unknown commands.
  • Bug Fix using Esc key to close region editor breaks it. See issue #580.
  • Bug Fix broken transparency animation. See issue #584.
  • Bug Fix crash when running elevated and the computer has no shell (i.e. explorer.exe isn't running).
2.1.0-beta2 Beta
  • Feature Passive mode is back. When in passive mode, windows are only maximized to a region while you hold Shift. See issue #270.
  • Feature Change settings using a command. For instance, you can toggle passive mode using the command maxto settings set /Setting behavior.passiveMode /Mode on. See issue #270.
  • Feature New command that lets you open MaxTo user interface. From the command line: maxto ui open /Window ChangeRegions See issue #310.
  • Improvement Close MaxTo windows using escape key. See issue #565.
  • Bug Fixed window resize issues related to snapping. See issue #555.
  • Bug Removed ability to filter network change triggers by network name (you can still filter by adapter name), due to crashes. See issue #519 and #557.
  • Bug Fixed crash on startup caused by invalid license key. See issue #558.
  • Bug Reverted change in 2.1.0-beta.1 that would more often leave windows transparent after moving them. See issue #561.
  • Bug Fixed problem where dropping a window into a region while holding Shift would sometimes shrink the window. See issue #551.
  • Bug Fixed "Last update" date in user interface when MaxTo has never been able to download its shims. See issue #567.
  • Bug Fixed editor for the Cycle presets command, which appeared to forget which presets had been selected. See issue #564.
  • Bug Shorten interval to trigger "was stopped to prevent infinite loops" message. See issue #568.
  • Bug Fixed issue where programs that were maximized, then was put into a region using hotkeys, then minimized, and then restored ended up maximized instead of placed in their region. See issue #548.
  • Bug Adjusted calculations of region sizes; to minimize the "off by a few pixels" errors that could sometimes be seen previously. See issue #258.
  • Bug Faster and less memory-intensive low-level keyboard hook.
2.1.0-beta1 Beta
  • Feature Add two new commands that allow you to open and close MaxTo windows from recipes. See issue #473.
  • Feature Add new command that shows a message to the end user. See issue #378.
  • Feature Add new command that sets the transparency of a window. See issue #400.
  • Feature Add new command that sets a window as topmost.
  • Feature Better searching for windows. You can now use wildcards, and specify if you want to filter using the process name, window class or window title. Also; regular expressions are supported.
  • Feature Add two new default recipes:
    • Open the Change Regions window by pressing Win+Ctrl+R.
    • Open the Change Regions window when a virtual desktop is created.
  • Bug Regions sometimes overlap with the taskbar. See issue #550.
  • Bug Fix 8 different crashes reported through crash reporting.
Friday, March 29, 2019

This is a bug fix release to fix the most common issues experienced in version 2.0.

  • Improvement Updated (complete) translation to Chinese (Simplified).
  • Bug Fix issue where strange serial numbers would cause regions to not load. See issue #375.
  • Bug Fix rare crash that would say "Collection was modified" while executing a recipe.
  • Bug Fix rare crash caused by monitored process going away during inspection.
  • Bug Fix rare crash when compatibility shims file is corrupt.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

MaxTo 2.0 is ready for prime-time. Here are some of the things that are new:

  • Feature Support for recipes that let you set up your own keyboard shortcuts with multiple ingredients.
  • Feature Command line support.
  • Feature Completely new design.
  • Feature Support for virtual desktops.
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2.0.0-rc3 Beta

This release candidate contains a large change to how MaxTo uses keyboard shortcuts. We can now override any system hotkey, so we have changed our default hotkeys:

  • Move windows using Windows + arrow keys
  • Swap windows using Windows + Alt + arrow keys
  • Center window on the monitor using Windows + Alt + C
  • Maximize to monitor using Windows + Alt + M

Note that these defaults are only applied if you start MaxTo without a configuration already applied. To remove your settings, you can delete the file %AppData%\MaxTo\config.json. You can also change the hotkeys manually to the defaults in the settings.

Other changes in this release:

  • Feature New keyboard shortcut editor.
  • Feature Allows overriding keyboard shortcuts from Windows.
  • Bug Will now delete scheduled task (to start MaxTo on logon) when MaxTo is uninstalled.
  • Bug CLI would sometimes use older versions instead of the latest installed version.
  • Bug Fix issue with Firefox window becoming very small. See issue #339.
  • Bug Fix issue where the move command would hang when trying to move a window to the same virtual desktop you were currently on. See issue #358.
  • Bug Fix issue where launching an application would provide wrong arguments to the launched program. See issue #357.
  • Bug Fix crash when saving presets. See issue #360.
2.0.0-rc2 Beta
  • Improvement 4 new presets!
  • Improvement Compatibility list now shows which shims are disabled.
  • Bug Fixes elevation status in the user interface. See issue #350.
  • Bug Fix crash when maximizing windows on monitors with multiple DPI scales. See issue #346 and #339.
  • Bug Fix issues with automatic startup. See issue #347.
  • Bug Re-introduces all translations that were missing in the previous version. See issue #354.
  • Bug Fix button styles.
2.0.0-rc1 Beta

First release candidate for MaxTo 2.0.0.

  • Improvement Add tooltip in notification area. See issue #335.
  • Bug Fix application manifest for UI process (broken in beta.10).
  • Bug Add correct styling to buttons in the license component.
  • Bug Fix NullReferenceException on machines where UAC registry key is not present. Machines with this error will report that UAC is disabled, even though it may not be. See issue #337.