MaxTo 版本历史


2.0.0-beta10 Beta

This release fixes quite a few bugs, and should reduce memory usage.

  • Improvement All-over work on memory usage. Should expect this beta to use roughly 20% less memory than the previous beta.
  • Bug No longer crashes if you have a .NET Framework version older than 4.7.2, but instead shows a dialog directing you to the download page before exiting.
  • Bug Fix issue where compatibility shims would not get applied to 32-bit programs. See issue #266 relating to Mikrotik WinBox.
  • Bug Ignore Windows Search on Windows 10; window can no longer be moved by MaxTo. See issue #327.
  • Bug Commands would not check compatibility shims, and would try to work on ignored windows.
  • Bug Hides number of seats in license when the value is 0.
2.0.0-beta9 Beta

This release fixes the most commonly reported bugs and crashes.

Important note: If MaxTo does not start after this update, please download and install .NET Framework 4.7.2. You can also uninstall MaxTo and re-install this version from our website.

  • Bug Fix issue with windows growing in size due to different DPI on monitors.
  • Bug Fix logic in move command, where moving a window wouldn't work. See issue #318.
  • Bug Fix crash when a recipe without an assigned hotkey exists in the configuration.
  • Bug Fix crash when unregistering hotkeys (experienced when disabling MaxTo).
  • Bug Fix issue where UI writes empty strings into configuration. See issue #300.
  • Bug Fix issue where MaxTo could not manipulate virtual desktops on Windows 10 version 1803.
2.0.0-beta8 Beta

This is purely a bug fix release that attempts to fix the most common crashes experienced by end users.

  • Bug Fix issue where ingredient arguments were apparently not loaded into UI. See issue #308.
  • Bug Fix issue that left an un-elevated core process run when MaxTo was supposed to run elevated.
  • Bug Fix issue locating upper-case uncategorized commands.
  • Bug Fix issue where recipes (and other configuration) did not apply immediately. See issue #317.
2.0.0-beta7 Beta

The release has focused mainly on fixing crashing bugs.

  • Improvement move command now supports moving a window to a different monitor, while keeping dimensions. See issue #313.
  • Improvement Add a new Server process that is only responsible for maintaining the communication channel between the MaxTo processes. This should provide better stability whenever there is an exception in the Core process.
  • Bug Fix crash when crash marker file was locked.
  • Bug Fix persistent crash on Windows 7 in UI process.
  • Bug Fix crash when trying to show log file (bug introduced in beta.6).
  • Bug Fix crash "Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed".
  • Bug Fix crash caused by cross-thread access to internal state. This crash would appear in the logs as a NullReferenceException.
2.0.0-beta6 Beta
  • Improvement Add new default recipe: "Maximize to monitor" (Ctrl+Windows+NumPad9)
  • Bug Fix broken "Keep changes" experience after editing recipe ingredients.
  • Bug Fix broken translations. Non-translated text now falls back to English.
  • Bug Fix Alt+F4 keypress in Change regions editor.
  • Bug Add some missing translatable strings.
  • Bug Fix crash due to duplicate recipe names.
2.0.0-beta5 Beta

Mostly more bug fixes.

  • Improvement Nicer warnings and info boxes.
  • Improvement Shows hotkey conflicts in the user interface. See issue #302.
  • Improvement Changed order of settings pages.
  • Bug Fix "MaxTo won't start" when it wasn't running. See issue #304.
  • Bug CLI now shows help when called without arguments. See issue #297.
  • Bug Fix crash when config contains unparsable hotkeys. See issue #298.
  • Bug Fix crash on exit due to bug in virtual desktop library.
2.0.0-beta4 Beta

Even more bug fixes.

  • Feature ZIP file package now available.
  • Improvement Adds notice when trying to use legacy license codes.
  • Improvement Adds notice about translations when choosing a language.
  • Improvement Now uses rolling log files, which rotate daily and keeps 7 days worth of logs.
  • Bug Fix hard to read settings window on dark backgrounds. See issue #285.
  • Bug Fix crash when changing keyboard shortcuts. See issue #278.
  • Bug Fix CLI not in path. See issue #290.
  • Bug Reported crash when using elevated mode. See issue #296.
  • Bug Fix crash when started and an instance is already running. See issue #295.
  • Bug Prevent loading configuration twice when it is changed.
2.0.0-beta3 Beta

Lots of bug fixes thanks to all the issues you've found.

  • Feature You can now switch off window transparency when dragging windows. See issue #264.
  • Improvement Show error message after a crash the next time MaxTo starts.
  • Improvement Allow regular maximize on undivided monitors. See issue #263.
  • Bug No longer crashes on startup for registered hotkeys. See issue #274.
  • Bug Don't crash when active regions for a monitor is set to null. See issue #282.
  • Bug Don't crash applying preset without a name. See issue #282.
  • Bug Don't crash if no Internet at startup. See issue #281.
  • Bug Don't crash when we cannot change the startup task. See issue #275.
  • Bug Don't allow double-opening Settings and Change regions windows.
  • Bug Don't list languages we don't actually support.
  • Bug Actually include translations in setup. D'oh.
  • Bug Don't move windows when in move command when direction is set to none. See issue #255.
  • Bug Fix crash when reporting specific exceptions to Raygun.
  • Bug Allow searching for monitors by their serial number in recipes. See issue #263.
  • Bug Don't snap to shadow of the window that is moving. See issue #273.
2.0.0-beta2 Beta

The second beta of MaxTo 2.0.0 is here. We've concentrated on fixing crashing bugs, but we've also enabled some new functionality. "Start on logon" is back, as is working window snapping.

  • Enable "Start on logon" feature
  • Enable window snapping. This feature has been improved greatly since previous releases, and will now only snap to visible window edges, and knows about the special way UWP windows are invisible even though the system says they are not. See issue #269.
  • Fix startup hang when UAC is enabled and elevation is denied. See issue #260, #250 and #236.
  • Fix communication bus issues (including faster startup).
  • Fix crash caused by unset region configuration.
  • Fix crash on Windows 8 when enumerating monitors.
  • Fix CLI crash when specifying unknown arguments.
  • Fix crash on some machines when copying text to clipboard.
  • Fix grouping of error reports.
2.0.0-beta1 Beta

The first beta release of MaxTo 2.0.0.

What's new

Brand new bugs!

Let's just be honest here: this is a beta release. That's right, we've fixed a lot of bugs, and probably introduced a lot of new ones. Don't expect anything to work well in the early alpha releases.

We've basically rewritten everything from scratch, so expect some crashes.

Brand new user interface

We've separated the user interface from the underlying functionality in MaxTo, and re-implemented it completely.

This means that everything should feel a lot nicer and fresher; and it should look a lot better on Windows 10!

It also means that we now have full, complete mixed-DPI support! Finally!


Recipes are a powerful new feature of MaxTo, that replaces the previous keyboard shortcut functionality. A recipe is a set of commands assigned to a keyboard shortcut; which means that you can run a lot of commands using one keystroke.

Commands that are ready now include:

  • Move a window into a region
  • Focus on a window in a given direction
  • Center a window on a given monitor
  • Load preset on a specific monitor
  • Highlight regions on a given monitor (or on all monitors)
  • Launch a program
  • Maximize to screen

You can mix and match these commands as you see fit; and we have nice editors for their arguments in the user interface.

Open source documentation

We've started writing proper documentation. Obviously it is not finished as of now, but we have published what we have.

Also, if you have suggestions, you can edit the documentation directly. We will include any approved changes on the website as it is updated.

Virtual desktop support

You can now have different regions on each virtual desktop. Or you can have the same regions on all virtual desktops. It's a setting.

Automatically updated compatibility shims

We can now update the compatibility shims (that ensure MaxTo is compatible with other programs) without releasing a new version of MaxTo. You can selectively disable the shims on your machine if desired.

Monitors are identified by serial number by default

This is a bigger deal than it seems. Previously MaxTo used the monitor number as reported by Windows. That meant that if you had two monitors, MaxTo would only know of them as monitor 1 and monitor 2. If you detached monitor 1, its regions would be applied to the second monitor, as that monitor got renamed "monitor 2", and the settings for the second monitor would be forgotten.

Now MaxTo knows the serial number of each monitor, and will remember the settings for that monitor forever.

New settings system

We've introduced a new, JSON-based, settings system that automatically reloads any changes to the configuration file immediately. You can find MaxTo's settings in %AppData%\MaxTo% (by default, you can change this to e.g. store them in your Dropbox).

New installer

Our new installer is based on Squirrel, which means we get automatic updates and delta packages "for free". So that's good.

What's planned?

Command line support

The recipes and commands are designed to work well with a command line interface, so expect to see this to pop up shortly. You'll be able to do things like (syntax may not be final):

C:\> maxto window move -Window "Untitled - Notepad" -Position 0,0 -VirtualDesktop 3
C:\> maxto recipe "Notepad on the left"
C:\> maxto preset load "4x4" -Monitor "Dell U3011 (DP)"


All the translation options are missing in this initial alpha release, but it is coming back.

What was removed?

Quite a few things from previous versions of MaxTo where removed, and will not be re-introduced:

  • Self-test is gone forever, as it frequently produced false positives.
  • Alternate regions will not be coming back. It is now extremely simple to load presets by assigning them to hotkeys. The additional complexity of having multiple regions applied at once made this one an easy choice to remove.

Why 2.0.0?

We are jumping on the semantic versioning bandwagon. Basically this means that you should be able to tell if there are breaking changes in the version that you are updating to just from the version number.

Since we had previously used <year>.<month> to identify releases, we chose to start at version 2.0 for semantic versioning purposes. Version 2.0.0 nicely reflects what we intended; namely that this is a major upgrade for MaxTo.

What happened to the pricing?

As you can probably see from the website, we've changed our prices. The new prices are differentiated between personal and business licenses.

Personal licenses

These licenses work as they always have, buy it and you have a lifetime license for anyone in your household.

The price will be $29, which is a price hike from the previous $19. We still think this is quite cheap for a tool such as MaxTo, that you can use for the rest of your life without purchasing another license.

Business licenses

Business licenses are new in that they require renewal every year. The price starts at $19/user/year, and we give significant discounts for purchasing more than one year at a time, as well as volume discounts.

Site licenses are of course still available.

Previous licenses

All licenses that are purchased under the old system will continue to be valid going forward.

Note that to use version 2.0.0 or later (including the preview releases), you will need to convert your old license key for a new one.