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Release notes

Version 2017.07 released Friday, 30 June 2017.

Bug fix release that fixes the most annoying bugs in MaxTo.

The largest change here is updating to .NET Framework 4.7, which allows us to support running monitors at different DPI, less known as "per-monitor DPI awareness".

Besides this improvement, we have fixed quite a few outstanding bugs.

  • Improvement

    4K/high-DPI support (aka. per-monitor DPI awareness).

  • Bug

    Fix error in that always numbers the primary monitor as 1.

  • Bug

    Fix error that loaded a merged version of main and alternative regions on primary monitor.

  • Bug

    Fix error preventing snapping to region edges.

  • Bug

    Fix error loop that would cause extreme slowness when moving a modern (UWP) app.

  • Bug

    Fix error that hides notification icon if MaxTo is started before Windows Explorer.

  • Bug

    Fix potential crash induced in other programs when signing out of Windows.

  • Bug

    Compatibility shim: ignore NVidia apps (which can solve issues with iCloud)

  • Bug

    Compatibility shim: ignore Unity 3D

  • Bug

    Compatibility shim: ignore MiiCollab