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Welcome as a MaxTo user

When you run the installer file you just downloaded, MaxTo will install itself only for the logged on user on your machine. Your settings and changes will only affect your user on your computer.

We want to take this opportunity to teach you the basic concepts of MaxTo, and once you're up and running we have some more advanced subjects here in the documentation.

How does MaxTo work?

MaxTo is based around the concept of regions. When MaxTo first starts, you are encouraged to divide all the monitors on your machine into these rectangular areas. Using the editor, you can:

  • split a region vertically or horizontally
  • drag the divider bar between regions to resize them
  • remove already split regions

Note that because of the way splitting works, regions are nested. When you hold your mouse over a button, it will show you a preview of what will be affected.

When you are happy with your regions, click “Use regions” and you are ready to get going.

Now, whenever you click the maximize button of a window, it will be restricted to the region that is underneath your mouse pointer. You can also drag a window around while holding the Shift key on your keyboard, and MaxTo will show you a preview of where the window will go when you release.

But, what if I want to maximize a window normally, I can hear you thinking. No worries, just hold the Shift key when you click maximize, and MaxTo will let the window maximize normally.

I heard there were keyboard shortcuts!

There are! Once you've set up your regions, your default keyboard shortcuts are as follows (make sure NumLock is on):

+ numpad arrow key
Move windows between your regions.
+ Control + numpad arrow key
Swaps the windows in the active region with the windows in the direction.
+ NumPad5
Center the current window on the monitor.
+ NumPad9
Maximize the current window to the entire monitor.